The USA Deploys Patriot missile defence system in Iraq

The former head of US Command, Admiral William Fallon, confirm that the US is deploying Patriot missile to protect its forces in Iraq. The deployment is because of recent missile attack happen in US military base in Iraq. This missile defence system protects the US military base from Iran’s missile.

US president makes a statement that Iran will pay a heavy price if Iran conducts ‘sneak attack’ on US troops. The militant or proxy group which are operated near Iraq border, Yemen border, Israel and Palestine border in this reason is funded by Iran if they attack US troops then the US will retaliate strongly.

Why is a time of the pandemic , the US preparing for war?

In this corona pandemic, the US prepares for war because of Iran is facing severe challenges both corona pandemic and US section. Iran requested IMF for an emergency bailout package of 5-6 billion dollars, Also corona pandemic cases are increasing in Iran in this time Iran can’t perform a war against the US. In the US also corona pandemic cases increasing rapidly and now the US is the topmost effected country l with more than 2,10,000 +. But the US has more resources then Iran and they can handle it.

Politics of Donald Trump

Because of coronavirus pandemic, the achievements of Donald Trump in the sector of the economy, stock market, employment, GDP growth rate are going down. To showcase of any achievement to US voters Donald Trump wants to make a new nuclear deal with Iran. So they are increasing pressure on Iran. To save the face of Donald Trump in the election of 2020.

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