US President’s request for anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine to India

Today, on 5th April, US President Donald Trump called Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi and the two leaders talked about the corona epidemic. President Trump called to give information about the condition of America due to this corona epidemic. President Trump asked Modi to export anti-malarial drugs, Hydroxychloroquine, to fight the corona and to meet the pressing shortage in his country. The Prime Minister rejected the export of this drug.

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Currently, the Indian government has banned any forcible export to outside countries. India exports medical equipment and pressure to many countries in the world, India has a large market for low-cost medicine.

Now America’s condition is very bad. More than two lakh people are trapped in this epidemic and more than five thousand people have died. Right now, the condition may worsen and it is estimated that this figure could go up to three lakhs, due to which the shortage of medical equipment can be seen.

Currently, the Indian government has refused to export, but if the situation improves in India, it can remove this band on exports to other countries. Right now this medicine may be needed all over the world and India is a big manufacturer of this, but this suppressed API is supplied from China. The private medicine manufacturer has told the Government of India that if they want to produce or increase this pressurization, they can make it in bulk from EE, for this they will have to bring the API from Indian Air Force cargo unhindered from China. The Indian government is talking to the Chinese government about this.

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