Advance 3 Months Pension to Old Age, Widow, Disabled to Tackle Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government of India give three months advance pension to the widow, old age, the disabled person for corona pandemic also the senior citizens, dibyang (Disabled Pension) vidhwa (widow) to get in 1st week of April 2020 in their bank account by DBT mode.

The announcement of 21 days totals lockdown for the coronavirus (COVID-19), To fight and help the poor and give advance three months of pension is a welcome stape of the Indian government. Directly or indirectly it’s help the citizen of India to stay at home and get safe from infection.

Image by Vishnu Vasu from Pixabay
  • Senior citizen – According to NSAP, each citizen who registered age group of 60 to 79 years will get 200/- per month. And they who older than 79 years will get 500/- per month.
  • Widow pension – According to NSAP, each widow woman who registers in the age group of 40 to 79 year gets 200/- per month while 500/- for who above 80 years of age.
  • Disabled Pension – The person who registers as disabled will get 300/- per month above 79 years of age person will get 500/- per month.

This government scheme was announced by Finance minister Mrs Nirmala Sitaraman and 1000/- for ex-gratia for next three months in two instalments.

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